Solution focus for agile teams

Endless discussions and recurring problems without solutions? It’s time for a change through solution-focused communication. Discover how you can bring solution focus to agile teams and use it to manage not only meetings but also general challenges more effectively and purposefully.

From problems to solutions

Are you ready to break the endless cycles of discussion and recurring problems in your team? Learn how you can revolutionize not only meetings but also master everyday challenges with advanced techniques of solution-focused communication. Discover methods that go beyond the usual discussions: Proactive action and constructive solution thinking. By engaging in self-reflection and intentionally applying communication strategies, you will cultivate skills that propel both you and your team toward new achievements. Take the first step towards a future in which problems are transformed into solutions.

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Lösungsfokus für Agile Teams

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Turn challenges into solutions – as a team and beyond. With our online training you will learn how meetings find solutions instead of problems. Discover how solution-focused communication shifts the focus from problems to solutions. Enhance your skills, inspire your team, and collaboratively discover methods to effect genuine change.


Learn on your own terms, anytime and anywhere! The training is modular, allowing you to access it from any location. All you need is a computer with Internet access.


Proceed with your training at a pace that suits you! Adjust the speed and take breaks as you prefer; reflect on your learning whenever you deem it appropriate and necessary.

Community powered

You also have a community of like-minded learners, trainers, and coaches ready to support and motivate you throughout your learning journey.

What you will learn
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In the Mixed Agile Arts® Community you will get answers to your questions, practical examples and much more during and after the training.

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The contents in detail

Module 1
Hello Solution Focus!

Get to know the solution focus. Discover what the solution-focused approach entails and what it does not. The distinction between solution focus, solution orientation and systemic approaches will help you to categorize this different way of communicating and thinking.

Module 2
Evolution of solution focus

Get to know the background of the solution-focused approach by learning aboutits history. Learn why it is considered one of the most evidence-based approaches and how to recognize prejudices against the solution focus as such.

Module 3
The basis

What are the basic assumptions of the solution-focused approach and what’s behind? Learn how these basic assumptions help us to find a solution even in complex contexts.

Module 4
From problem to solution

Learn to turn problems into solutions. Learn why moving away from the problem doesn’t always mean finding a solution. What are the phases of solution discovery and what difference does a solution-focused mindset make?

Module 5
Communication & questioning techniques

Discover the language of solution focus and learn how it transforms our communication. Master the art of listening and employ precise questioning techniques to transition seamlessly from problem to solution.

Module 6
Apply solution focus

Learn how to design and implement a meeting from a solution-focused perspective.

What sets this training apart?

Practical, experienced and professional

Our trainers for this program, Brigitte Pfeifer-Schmöller and Andreas Wintersteiger, bring their expertise as certified Agile Coaches and ICF-certified Professional Coaches (ICF PCC) to the table, enriching the training with their extensive experience. They witness the transformative power of the solution-focused approach firsthand in their daily interactions with agile teams. With us, you’ll acquire hands-on experience!

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Examples from daily practice

Our training content is based on real examples from the daily practice of agile teams under real conditions.

Experts in agility, experts in learning

Because it matters who you learn from, we have always acquired expertise in human learning as well.

Much more than just training

True to our motto 'From knowledge to competence', we won't leave you on your journey alone: with support from our community, this is where everything starts.

Any questions?


If you cannot find an answer in our FAQs, we will be happy to help you. Simply book an appointment with us!

Honestly? For anyone! You can apply the solution-focused approach in all areas of professional (and even personal) life.

For this reason, we deliberately recommend this training to all managers, product owners, scrum masters, developers, project managers, product managers, etc.

No. You can complete this training without any prior knowledge. You just need the inner drive to want to transform problems into solutions.

In addition to the online course, which you can complete self-paced, we also offer practical modules for all Pro members at regular intervals. This not only provides you with a chance to practice the solution-focused approach in a safe environment but also to gain initial learning experiences. Would you like to collaborate with us to plan your first meeting through a solution-focused lens? Then let’s put it into practice together in a practical module!

You need a computer with a modern internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge – always the latest version) or a tablet with the latest version of iOS or Android. The device must be able to play audio and video. So if you can watch YouTube videos with it, it should work 😉

In addition, you need an Internet connection with halfway decent speed (in the sense of the above). So, you need to be online to access the content.

Yes. This training and further events on this topic are included in our Pro-Membership.