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Whenever. Wherever. At your own pace! Our modular online courses contain small, manageable units that you can watch in between or in the evening.

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Comprehensive knowledge in small doses

New to an agile team or in a Scrum role? In the Essentials series, you will find the most important knowledge you need to get started – in a compact format. Included in your Basic subscription!

Agile Developer Essentials

What do I need to know to work in an agile team? Learn in this compact course what agile developers pay attention to and what they do differently.


Product Owner Essentials

Are you going to work as a product owner and looking for a compact guide to get you started? In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about your tasks and how to tackle them.


Scrum Master Essentials

Your quick start to working as a Scrum Master. This online course will give you the knowledge you need to to get started and begin your journey.


Online Courses


A solid foundation

The Basic subscription includes everything you need to build a broad and solid knowledge of agility. Get to know the most important representatives of agile frameworks and management methods such as Scrum, XP or Kanban. Understand where and how to use them sensibly.

Agile Foundations

Understanding agility from the ground up: What does it mean to be agile and what is the difference between “Doing Agile” and “Being Agile”? After the training you can evaluate well-implemented agility.


Scrum Foundations

Scrum inside out: What is Scrum? How does it work and what is it suitable for? Get to know all elements of the Scrum framework. After the training you will be able to use Scrum in a team.


Kanban Foundations

Kanban is much more than a few pieces of paper on the wall! Get to know the power of flow. After this training, you will understand what it takes to move from congestion to a continuous flow of work.


Online Community powered Courses


Deepen your knowledge

Your Pro membership includes additional compact online training courses that you can use to further develop your knowledge according to your needs. Compact courses on current topics are added on an ongoing basis.

Solution-focused meetings

Endless meetings without results? The same discussion three months later? Learn about the power of solution focus and how you can make meetings more effective and efficient.

Kanban for Scrum Teams

Learn how to use Kanban in your Scrum team to solve many problems that Scrum per se does not address. Your team delivers more value sooner!

Probabilistic Forecasting

Lying to yourself about predictions? Rather use static methods with which you can create a better prediction of delivery time or volume. Guessing was yesterday!

Scaling Agile

Several agile teams? Learn how economies of scale can be achieved efficiently without sacrificing effectiveness.

Agile portfolio management

Learn how to optimize the organization’s capacities across the entire value stream and avoid waste and congestion in the system.

OKR for agile teams

Set better goals and focus your team on clearly defined results. OKRs are the ideal complement for agile teams.

Cohort Based Courses


From knowledge to skills

In our cohort-based courses (CBC), you will learn about the key characteristics and tasks of different areas of responsibility in agile settings. Expand your agile knowledge with one or more roles depending on your interests.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Get to know the tools of a Product Owner in a Scrum team and lead your Scrum team from the idea to a deliverable product that will delight your customers.

from € 1,300

Certified Scrum Master

Leading agile teams laterally. Agile, sustainable organizational development at team level. Learn how to effectively leverage your team’s potential.

from € 1,300

Certified Scrum Developer
Certified Scrum Developer

What does it mean to work in an agile team? Learn about technical practices such as TDD, architecture and CI/CD, as well as team dynamics and soft skills!

from € 1,150

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

Learn to develop and operationalize a product strategy. Apply advanced practices to collaborate more effectively and efficiently with stakeholders and the Scrum team.

from € 1,650

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

From knowledge to skills: Learn the practices and techniques to lead your team to peak performance, work efficiently with the rest of the organization and use Scrum effectively within the company.

from € 1,650

Cohort based, community powered courses

Agile leadership

Leading Digital Product Development

Learn the qualities and skills you need to lead successful products in today’s volatile and highly complex market contexts in our leadership program. Especially for product owners and product managers!

Certified Agile Leader® 1
for Digital Development Organizations

Skills you need as a product leader to lead your organization safely through the current challenges of modern digital product development. You understand the connections between organizational culture and leadership in order to lead more effectively.

from € 2,450

Certified Agile Leader® 2
for Digital Development Organizations

A transformative and immersive journey to effectively lead product development in your organization and sustainably change organizational culture. Your way out of the hamster wheel.

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