Mixed Agile Arts® is a registered trademark of MPIRICS Consulting GmbH, whose imprint you can find here. All transactions are carried out in the name of MPIRICS Consulting GmbH.

MPIRICS Consulting GmbH

Country road 66
4020 Linz

Company register number 496.496t, Linz Regional Court
Sales tax ID: ATU73571306
Managing Directors: Dr. Andreas Wintersteiger, Brigitte Pfeifer-Schmöller BA

The company is 100% privately owned

The name

MPIRICS (pronounced as “Empirics”) stands for Empirical Process Control – the tool of choice for complex domains and problems, the domain in the Cynefin framework where agility skillfully implemented brings about sustainable and effective solutions.

With the first customer projects since 2006, we were among the pioneers of agility in companies, both as management consultants and in “self-experimentation”. With our name we want to express our basic principles “Empirical Approach” and “Evolutionary Change”, which we prefer to template solutions, process patterns or defined process models. But our name also stands for measurability and action based on data and a cycle from lean management, where the organization learns on the basis of measurable results.

Legal notice (history)
MPIRICS Consulting GmbH has started the spin-off of the “Engineering Consulting Services” (ECS) division from Objectbay Software & Consulting GmbH, which was founded in 2006 (by Andreas Wintersteiger). The spin-off became effective on October 1, 2018 as part of a demerger in accordance with the GmbHG/Spaltunggesetz (German Limited Liability Companies Act), meaning that MPIRICS Consulting GmbH is the legal successor to the aforementioned business division. The founder and former managing director of Objectbay, Andreas Wintersteiger, is taking over the training and consulting business in its entirety as a partner in the course of this spin-off into MPIRICS.
Photo credits

Portraits of Brigitte Pfeifer-Schmöller and Andreas Wintersteiger: Sabine Starmayr, Wels